Creative. Rustic. Love.

Printed Artwork for Sale
and Commissioned Works

by Canadian artist
Lauren Daae.

Little Doe Design is an entrepreneurial business that launched in 2006
as a graphic and web design company.

It has since evolved to focus primarily on printed works of art by Lauren Daae.

These include reproductions such as canvas and acrylic prints, frameable paper prints, and commission work - such as literary illustrations and stylized portraits. The artwork is produced in Canada, and generally tends toward rustic and rootsy compositions, with a modern interpretation.

Artwork Prints

Custom Work

Little Doe Design

About Lauren

I'm a busy mom of three beautiful children, wife to my loving and supportive husband, and perhaps most signficantly;
I'm a farmer's daughter.

I grew up on the Klarholm farm in southeast Saskatchewan, and wouldn't trade my childhood experience for anything. There my love for horses, cattle, and the farm/ranch culture was rooted and cultivated.

I've been creating for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I would draw and paint on anything I could find - I have a few keepsakes on scrap pieces of cardboard that I'd rescue from the trash pile. My grandma also discovered that a good nightly routine for my twin sister and I, was to have us sit and colour before bed!

The name Little "Doe" stems from our family name Daae, which (believe it or not) is pronounced "Doe". My husband's family lineage is strongly Norwegian (and so is mine!), so perhaps you know a Norwegian who can explain to you how that spelling makes sense!

" The artist is not a special kind of person; rather each person is a special kind of artist."

My creative process is unique; with over ten years of graphic design under my belt, I often mesh traditional mediums (like sketchbooks and acrylics) with modern technology (digital painting and photo manipulation).

I hope to inspire others to appreciate and express the simple beauties that surround their lives.
I beleive that what we can create is a reflection of the many gifts that God gives us every day.